Mark Roemer image of a home with bold colors such as bright blue chairs and bright read accent for dishes.

Discovering Great Home Decorating Ideas at No Cost

I, Mark Roemer Oakland, believe that decorating your house is a great way to channel your inner creativity and express your ‘self’ in subtle ways. No, you don’t need to spend tons of money on purchasing expensive artwork, accessories, items, and furniture if you don’t have the luxury to do so or if you simply don’t want to.

Instead, you just have to focus on the little things that you notice every day and rearrange, replace, or upgrade them in a way that makes you feel like you truly own the space and belong in it. Now, if you are not used to decorating or channeling your creative power, this can seem like a daunting task. However, the reality is that you just have to consider your likes and dislikes, lifestyle, and taste to design the decor of your house.

The Ideas

Here are a few home decorating ideas you can follow to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home at no extra cost:

1. Rearrange the existing furniture – One of the best ways to change the decor of your house without spending any money is to rearrange the existing furniture in your home. Sure, it will take some time and effort to rearrange and move around the different furniture in your house, but the end result can astonish you.

Simply changing the furniture positions inside your living room and bedroom can allow you to enjoy a fresh perspective inside your house and totally transform the overall feel and vibe of the space.

2. Create a focal point in every room – Every room in your house should include a focal point that helps to attract the attention of the observer in the room and create a stunning visual appeal. Generally, if you stuff too many aesthetically pleasing or beautiful decor items such as artwork and accessories, or even high-end furniture into a small space, it will only create a conflict of visual interest.

Instead, a much better idea is to pair mundane items such as normal shelves and benches with natural attention grabbers such as large televisions or traditional fireplaces. Thus, observe the decor in your rooms and ensure every room has a suitable focal point that helps to improve its aesthetic appeal.

3. Utilize the power of mirrors – Generally, most people prefer large spaces over smaller ones since they don’t want to feel restricted or constrained in any way. Now, if your home has rooms with short dimensions, you cannot magically make them grow larger.

However, you can install a few large mirrors up against the walls of your living room or bedroom to create the illusion of a bigger space. A beautifully framed wall mirror when angled correctly can also trick the mind into believing that the ceiling height is higher than it actually is.

4. Get rid of old items – Oftentimes, we get attached to old items such as gifts, toys, tables, and more that were once our favorites. Unfortunately, this attachment can prevent us from throwing, selling, or donating them when they lose their beauty and functionality.

Normally, old items, furniture, and accessories won’t have an impact on the decor of your home if you safely store them in a separate space such as a storeroom. However, when you have too many items to store in a separate room. Things can get ugly. That’s when it is recommended you get rid of such stuff since simply eliminating them improves the visual appeal of your home.

5. Hang thoughtful display – Nobody can deny the contribution of abstract and thoughtful artwork in elevating the beauty and aesthetic appeal of homes. However, wall art can cost a lot of money, and sometimes, it may not even form a meaningful connection with your heart.

If you want to feature something on your living room or bedroom walls that allows you to feel a surge of motivation whenever you look at it, you can create your own thoughtful display with little pieces of greeting cards and postcards.

If you are feeling a little crafty, you can gather old birthday and holiday greetings that you have collected over the years and hang them across a wire photo frame or string.

6. Frame nostalgic family pictures – An alternative to hanging thoughtful display or artwork is to hang nostalgic pictures that evoke pure surge or euphoric emotion. Simply print out some of the most memorable family pictures you have saved on your PC or smartphone and frame them on your bedroom walls to personalize your living space.

These family pictures can include pictures of your growing years and significant life instances that unfold your life story at a glance. You can look at such a nostalgic picture set and immediately cheer yourself up when you are feeling down since they form a deep and intimate connection to your soul.

7. Swap the pillow covers – Changing the pillow covers of your couches and sofas is an excellent way to add little pops of color in your home without making any major changes. Now, pillow covers can be quite expensive and that’s why we recommend you swap the covers of different pillows instead of purchasing new ones.

You can also create your own pillow covers from old t-shirts, sweatshirts, and fabric if you have good knitting skills.  and customize them in your own manner.

8. Arrange a few houseplants – Including a few houseplants in your house can not only make it feel livelier but create a healthier space as well. So, if you have an outdoor garden with plants that can survive indoors, consider taking them inside and arranging certain sections of your house such as the entryways, living rooms, and even bedrooms with suitable plants.


I, Mark Roemer Oakland, suggest you don’t be afraid of making big changes to the decor of your home but also realize that there is power in subtlety. Transforming the decor of the different rooms in your house can be a freeing experience that can offer you a tremendous sense of accomplishment, especially if you don’t need to spend a ton of money to do so!