Mark Roemer Properties  has a humble beginning. From a single property in Oakland, with careful planning, Mark Roemer Properties has grown to a few, luxurious rentals that offers the convenience and accessibility of the city, while being in desirable locations.

Who I Am

On paper, I am a property owner. Most people view the property owner as a jack of all trade, constantly fixing the issues with rentals, keeping the property in good shape while having an extremely busy schedule taking care of everything. While keeping up good rentals, this is true. Above all, however, being a rental owner is about offering a comfortable home to families. I work hard to ensure a safe, worry-free home to my tenants. It’s my way to give to people the joy of coming home and being able to relax. Because after all, there is no better feeling of offering a place where someone can hang their hat, lift up their feet, and feel at ease in their surrounding.

How it All Started

This all started from a simple desire. The desire to be able to be my own boss. To set my own schedule. It started with a single rental unit. That single unit taught me more about being a property owner that anything I thought I knew. A lot of work went into renovating and fixing that first property into something I could be proud of. I decided then and there that my properties would something people would be proud to live in. A place they could entertain in. A place where people would be happy to live for years. I had a few key criteria. Location. I wanted to make sure my properties were easy to access. Convenience. My rentals had to be close to public transport to make it easy for my tenants to come to and from. And finally, Luxury. I wanted to make sure my rentals had everything a person wants.

What I can Do for You

With my seven properties, I can offer you and yours a place to rest your feet. My tenants know they have a dedicated landlord that will make sure their lodgings are in tip-top shape. There is nothing more important than making sure my rentals are well taken care off. I am always accessible to your concerns, and am at your disposal whenever there is a need.