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Mark Roemer image of a person lighting up a smoke

How to Deal with Neighbors Who Smoke

I, Mark Roemer, am here to inform you that residents and tourists are protected from second-hand smoke in public areas in several states. You should expect clean air in a […]

Mark Roemer image of a cartoon character that is clearly exhausted from work

Tips to Avoid Work from Home Burnout

Based on the research I, Mark Roemer, have done, approximately 62 percent of Americans reported working from home (WFH) during the pandemic. Only about 25% of workers worked from home before […]

Mark Roemer image of cartoon characters on a computer screen.

Zoom Etiquette for Your Video Calls

I, Mark Roemer, am sure I am not alone knowing what works and what doesn’t work now that I have been working at home for the better part of a year. […]

Mark Roemer image of a well organized kitchen

Simple Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

I, Mark Roemer, know our kitchens become cluttered over time. Our odd mug series is starting to become embarrassingly large. Our spice cabinet becomes filthy and dusty over time. Spatulas get […]

Mark Roemer image of a person placing items in a composting container for later disposal

How to Compost in Your Apartment

Let’s be honest. We’ve all had that moment when we’re throwing away pineapple tops, eggshells, banana peels, and other organic kitchen waste and think to ourselves, albeit fleetingly, that it’s […]

Homeschooling Tips Everyone Should Know

I, Mark Roemer, know that education is constantly evolving. Schools a century ago and schools only a few decades ago were significantly different from schools today. The way children learn, […]

Mark Roemer image of several different dogs and cats.

How to Budget for A New Pet

During these uncertain times, many people find they are home alone for weeks on end with no one to talk to. While it may not be the same as having […]