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Mark Roemer image of an apartment

Activities and Hobbies for Apartment Renters

Eight months later and the world is still dealing with lockdowns due to COVID-19. While homeowners have yards to have fun in, tenants in apartment complexes have been mainly forbidden […]

Mark Roemer image of a couple distressed about their noisy neighbor

Easy Ways to Soundproof Your Room or Apartment

I, Mark Roemer, know the city’s noise can be draining. Whether it’s squealing garbage trucks, blaring car stereos, or the overall buzz of foot traffic outside your window, it can […]

Mark Roemer image of a person wiping off a glass top range

Unexpected Things You Can Clean with Oven Cleaner

There are many Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms dedicated to providing users with hacks for everyday items. Well, I, Mark Roemer, will try my hand at delivering […]