Mark Roemer image of an apartment with suggested ways to add color to your home.

Ways to Add Color to Your Apartment Without Repainting

When renting an apartment, you can feel a bit restricted in the things you can do to make the place look more like something that represents your personality or lifestyle. When you look at other homes, you can see there is a theme to the paint, whether it is earth tones, bright, vibrant colors, or even something a bit edgier. I, Mark Roemer, have been in your situation before. It is for this reason that I allow my tenants to paint the walls any color they want. However, if you are not in the mood to paint your apartment, there are other ways to add color and express your personality.

If you have been racking your brain to think of new and exciting ways to add color to your apartment, then you have come to the right place. I am going to provide you with several different ways that you can do this without having to pick up a paintbrush. Take a look at the ideas below, and you will have the apartment of your dreams in no time.


This one should go without saying but is commonly overlooked. The main reason people don’t think of hanging pictures or art on the wall is that they are worried about leaving holes. Putting holes in walls at your apartment means you will have to patch them once you decided to go. I am here to tell you it is much easier to repair a couple of holes than it is to repaint the entire house. No paintings, no problems.

Depending on where you live, there are almost weekly garage/yard sales that you can take advantage of. Besides finding some cheap things to hang in your house, you can find some real gems. I won’t go into details about the numerous people that have found priceless works of art at these sales.

Another way you can go is to assemble jigsaw puzzles and then add a clear topcoat to the puzzle. DIY yourself a frame, and you are ready to go.

Add Some Green

Something that you rarely see anymore is indoor plants. However, this is a great way to add a breath of fresh air to your apartment. As we all know, plants convert our carbon dioxide to oxygen. Besides, they can be great to look at. The alternative is plain white walls.

If you are not keen on having live plants in your house, there is always the artificial alternative. You can pick these up at most any Walmart or similar store. Find flowers or plants that work with your style and just run with it.


Plain white walls, dull brown wood floors, and blinds that should have been replaced two tenants ago are probably what you are looking at in your apartment. Why not take some time, and a little money, to cover up those floors? You can do this by buying some accent rugs and ottomans. Pick a color that will go with some of the other additions you have made, and you will be well on your way to a great looking apartment.


Sometimes you don’t need to buy expensive paintings and accent furniture. It can be a simple question of the right light. Instead of using dull-white bulbs, consider using colored bulbs. You would be surprised at what you can do with some soft orange or blue bulbs. While changing the bulbs will add color to your house, it should not impede your vision in the slightest. Most people will not even notice there is a different color bulb in your fixtures. They will see how much nicer your house looks as a result, though.


I previously suggested that you add some accent work to your apartment. In this case, I am suggesting to change your furniture altogether. When you are shopping for furniture, try to stay away from the typical colors. Doing this will only return your house to the same drab condition you are trying to get away from. I suggest you watch some episodes of house transformations on your favorite television or streaming channel. Quite often, you will notice they are not sticking with white, brown, or black furniture. It may seem extreme what they are doing, but when you add that to other changes, it can be quite lovely.

When you are choosing your colors, make sure that you are matching the other changes you have made to your apartment. You want to add color, not have a smorgasbord of colors that don’t pair well. If all else fails, consult an interior design company for some advice. Many of them will give you a consultation for little to no money.


Last but not least, consider adding some decorations around the house. While they may not add too much color, it will break up the consistent white that is permeating from your walls and ceilings. DIY some shelves to pull attention to these knickknacks and away from the walls.

Some of the most common things you may want to add are cartoon characters, porcelain figurines, or small stuffed animals. Anyway, you look at it, having these will detract from the fact that you have boring white walls throughout your apartment.


Adding your flare to an apartment is what makes it a home. I, Mark Roemer, hope that I have provided you with some excellent ideas that you can apply to your home in no time. Remember, it doesn’t matter what others think looks good in your house. It only matters what you think looks good. While you may have a guest that has to look at your things for a few hours, you are the one that will spend the majority of the time in your house. If it fits your personality and taste, I say go for it. Life is too short to look at boring white walls and dusty brown floors. Take the time to make your house enjoyable, and you will be happy to come home at the end of the day.