Mark Roemer image of a person installing a resin driveway using a wheelbarrow.

Top Reasons to Install a Resin Driveway

I, Mark Roemer Oakland, believe that the driveway of your property can have a significant impact on curb appeal and can be considered a long-term investment. Thus, it is important to research the various types of driveways you can install on your property before you choose one. Resin-bound driveways have become a popular option due to their quick installation requirements, look, longevity, and the various benefits they offer.

Here are a few reasons to install a resin driveway:

1. You can customize the design and color of resin driveways – You can customize the appearance of resin-bound driveways by using a unique range of color combinations and designs. For instance, you can select designs and choices that complement the appearance of the home exterior.

You can also mix and match aggregates of different sizes between 1-3mm to 2-5mm to enhance and create visually contrasting colors, create unique designs, and completely customize the look of your driveway.

2. They are highly resistant to natural elements – Resin-bound driveways are resistant to extreme weather elements such as frost, ice, water, heat, and even natural elements such as weeds. Thus, if you live in a region that is subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations, floods, cold, heat, or wind, you don’t have to worry about preserving the structural integrity of the driveway.

This is because resin-bound driveways are made from high-quality polyurethane that is highly resistant to natural elements and doesn’t crack even under extreme pressure and temperature changes.

3. Resin driveways have low maintenance requirements – Nobody likes to clean and maintain driveways since they involve a lot of work, time, and money. Fortunately, the natural toughness and resistance of resin driveways make them easy to maintain. When resin driveways are correctly installed by experts, the resin binds to the original surface and glues it to the new surface finish.

Additionally, high-quality resin systems are also resistant to UV rays, and oil and petrol spills. There is no need to worry about loose stones or weeds. You just need to periodically clean your driveway using a powerhouse and brush the debris occasionally to keep it in good condition.

4. They are environmentally friendly – One of the biggest advantages of resin-bound driveways is that they are environmentally friendly since they are made of porous materials and have a permeable surface. As a result, it allows for easy drainage of water and you don’t have to worry about water pooling which can destroy the surface of the driveway over time.

Plus, the natural drainage properties of resin driveways help to wash down toxic pollutants which can otherwise accumulate on the surface of the driveway and potentially harm animals and even the environment. Additionally, there is no requirement for an extra drainage system in the driveway for resin driveways which helps you to save a lot of hassle and money.

5. They are durable – Unlike natural brick or stone driveways, resin-bound driveways are not susceptible to stains from car oil or diesel. And, due to their weather-resistant properties, and the natural toughness of resin-bound aggregate systems, they are pretty durable.

With proper maintenance and care, resin driveways can last between 20 to 30 years. Of course, the quality of installation and materials used will also play an important role in the durability of the driveway. Overall, if you want to install a driveway that does not require frequent maintenance and repairs, resin driveways can be a good option.

6. They are cost-effective – Resin driveways are more affordable when compared to many other types of driveways such as concrete or asphalt driveways, especially when you factor in the cost of maintenance and durability. It is easy to understand that the longer a driveway lasts, the less it will cost you in the long term.

However, since resin-bound driveways require little to no maintenance costs under most conditions and no costly repairs, you save a lot of money on that front too. However, it is not a good idea to settle for cheap options since they will tend to cost you more in the long run. We recommend you only select reputable driveways installers in your locality even if they tend to charge a little extra for their service in return for peace of mind and an extended guarantee.

7. They are visually appealing – Resin driveways are often noted for their visual and aesthetic appeal. Expertly installed resin driveways have a seamless, smooth, and flat surface which makes them suitable for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

And, with the correct design and color choice, you can highlight the exterior elements of your property such as the roof, trees, walls, and hedges. Above all, it will create a unique impression that is quite apart from what you expect from a concrete, stone, or asphalt driveway.

8. They can boost the value of your property – Many buyers tend to evaluate the exterior surroundings of a house such as the landscape and the driveway when determining the value of the house. This is because every element in a property affects the curb appeal, functionality, and character of the house.

The quality, design, and choice of the driveway can also impact the overall value of your property. Installing a professionally-installed high-quality resin driveway with a stellar design and color choice that elevates the overall decor and beauty of the house can instantly boost the overall value of your property.

Thus, if you want to sell your house in the future, possibly in about 5 to 10 years, don’t want to spend a ton of money on maintaining it, and get the maximum ROI possible, installing a resin driveway is a safe bet. I, Mark Roemer Oakland, suggest you consult professional driveway installers to learn more about the advantages of installing resin driveways on your property. Just like any other driveway type, resin-bound driveways also have a few disadvantages which you should be aware of before choosing them over concrete or asphalt driveways. For instance, resin driveways are not always suitable for heavy traffic areas and should be installed by skilled professionals to prevent cracking.