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Reasons Why Your Home Should Have Electric Fireplace Inserts

I, Mark Roemer Oakland, believe installing a traditional fireplace in their homes is not a convenient or practical option for many homeowners. Traditional fireplaces require a lot of maintenance, are expensive to operate, and come with safety risks. Fortunately, electric fireplaces have become a convenient and appealing option for many homeowners due to their cost, design options, and the plethora of features they allow homeowners to enjoy.

Here are a few reasons to invest in an electric fireplace:

1. They are easy to install – One of the advantages of electric fireplace inserts over traditional fireplace options is that they are easy to install. When installing traditional fireplaces, you have to worry about renovation work, expensive masonry, venting, building permits, and a natural gas line hook-up.

Direct, linear wall-mount electric fireplaces can be connected to an electrical wall outlet plug or directly wired. And, you only have to worry about framing and clearances if you are considering installing built-in or electric fireplace inserts. There is no need for special ventilation requirements which allows you to save a ton of time and money.

2. They don’t emit harmful smoke – It is not safe to operate a traditional fireplace in a closed environment since the burning of wood generates a lot of smoke, dangerous fumes, and even cancer-causing agents such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Without proper ventilation and maintenance, the safety of your family members and the pets at your home are put at risk. Sure, you can switch to special wood that reduces smoke while increasing the heat but it will still not improve the air quality by a whole lot.

Electric fireplaces don’t emit any smoke, hazardous byproducts, and odors. Thus, they are a safer alternative and more suitable for people who suffer from allergies and medical conditions such as asthma. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your couches, rugs, beds, clothing, and carpets smelling like smoke.

3. They are more affordable – Traditional fireplaces are expensive to install and maintain. The typical installation cost tends to be between $7,500 to $10,000. However, you also have to consider the cost of chimney cleaning, service checks, wood burning, chimney inspection, and more. Additionally, much heat is lost from a traditional fireplace when it escapes from the chimney.

Electric fireplaces are available in a variety of price ranges and you can select a model depending on your budget. They are much more energy-efficient and cost-efficient since you can control the heating setting according to your liking. For instance, you can save money with supplemental zone heating which reduces energy wasted.

4. They are energy-efficient – As stated earlier, electric fireplaces tend to be more energy efficient compared to traditional fireplaces since the heat they generate does not rise up and escape through the chimney. As a result, they tend to heat up the home faster and stay heated throughout the use. They are also less susceptible to drafts that come through the chimney.

Additionally, you can lower the home’s thermostat and set the electric fireplace to a comfortable temperature while in your room to enjoy better energy efficiency through supplemental heating which also allows you to lower the overall cost. Electric fireplaces also come with features such as eco-mode and efficient fan-forced heating systems.

5. They are a safer option – Electric fireplaces are a much safer option compared to traditional fireplaces, especially if you have kids and pets at home. Traditional fireplaces are toxic smoke, fume, and fire hazard due to the flames and smoke they generate.

Electric fireplaces remain cool to the touch due to protective metal casings. They also include automatic overheating protection that reduces the risk of fire hazard due to overheated electronics. Thus, the unit will shut off automatically if it gets heated too much.

6. They are customizable – Electric fireplaces come with ambient lighting and backlight which makes it easy to customize them according to the mood and surrounding. Modern technology has made it possible to display a representation of accurate roaring flames which you can expect from a traditional fireplace without the dangers associated with them.

Many premium models feature firebox lighting, multicolor surround lighting, and flame control variations to truly turn it into a visual masterpiece. Additionally, you can also enjoy built-in touch controls and multi-function remote controls for greater convenience and personalization options.

7. They require low maintenance – Electric fireplaces don’t create soot or ash and thus, require less maintenance compared to traditional fireplaces. There is no need to clean the chimney, do annual safety checks, or even chop and store wood. They are also far easier to clean and have a longer lifespan since they are not susceptible to rust and corrosion.

8. They are available in many designs – Electric fireplaces are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs and are thus suitable for any kind of room. For instance, you can select linear wall-mount models 70 inches wide or small firebox models starting from 20 inches wide. You can even measure and purchase electric fireplace inserts that fit the space perfectly.

Wall-mount linear electric fireplaces are available in hundreds of textures, styles, and patterns to truly match the look of the product with the interior of the home to elevate the aesthetic appeal. It is also possible to commission a custom-built electric firebox to your exact requirements.

9. They can boost the value of your home – Electric fireplaces offer a great return on investment since they are cheap to install, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain. That’s why buyers love them, especially due to their added safety features.

I, Mark Roemer Oakland, suggest you consider investing in an electric fireplace insert if you are worried about the cost, maintenance, and safety-risk associated with installing a traditional fireplace. It can be a great life-saver if you live in the colder regions of the country and can’t really do without a fireplace. Additionally, since the flame effects and heat control in an electric fireplace are independent of each other, you can enjoy them year-round if you enjoy their aesthetic appeal and create a mesmerizing mood.