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Mark Roemer image of a plane and mountains with the words managing property from a distance.

Managing Property Long Distance

Most landlords operate in the city in which they live. However, at times, you may be called upon to move to a different state or country. Now I, Mark Roemer, […]

Mark Roemer image of a calendar with the first of the month circled and Collect Rent written in the first

How to Collect Rent on Time

If you ask any landlord, they will tell you that late rent payments cause them a lot of heartaches. In fact, of all the things a tenant can do to […]

Mark Roemer hanging wooden sign with a landlord and tenants inspecting an apartment or home.

Move-In/Move-Out Inspection Reports

Just because the tenant has signed the lease agreement, arranged the move-in date, and provide you with any upfront fees, does not mean the job is done. There is one […]

Mark Roemer image of an eviction notice.

A Discussion About Eviction

I am going to start off by telling you that this topic is very touchy when it comes to people talking about it. I am going to attack this topic […]

Mark Roemer image of an American flag with the words Celebrate safely on the fourth of July below it.

4th of July Safety Tips at Your Apartment

There is hardly anything better that I, Mark Roemer, like better than a good ol’ 4th of July bash. It is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United […]

Mark Roemer show you an image of a lease agreement and a set of keys.

How to Properly Screen Potential Tenants

When it comes to tenants, I, Mark Roemer, feel it is very important to screen them properly. There are many warning signs that a tenant will not be a proper […]