Mark Roemer image of a house with trendy interior decoration.

Must-Have Home Designs For 2022

I, Mark Roemer Oakland, am excited for a brand-new year that’s just a few weeks away. That’s a good excuse to redesign your home and breathe new life into it. 2022 has been a year of ups and downs where certain home designs have dominated over others. Let’s check out must-have home designs for 2022.

The Details

1. Soft earth tones – In 2022, soft earth tones have been on the trend and one of those tones was even awarded ‘color of the year’. Designing your home with these colors is easy and effective since they don’t stand out too much and give your home a pleasant and welcoming ambiance. For instance, you can redesign your living room by adding soft tones of gray and green.

You can choose a light olive tone for furniture upholstery and add hints of beige everywhere else. These tones help to create healing spaces that are calming and restorative in nature. Look to nature and borrow soft earth tones from it including the light blue sky, warm brown hills, and gray beaches.

2. Curved furniture – Unlock your smartphone and look at the apps. Almost every app has rounded corners. The same holds for your phone, your computer, and a lot of other things around you. Seems like curves have been in trend for a while and in 2022, it was also adapted into furniture. The world has been moving from straight-lined and sharp minimalism and adopting a cozier design language. 

That’s why 2022 has been full of organically shaped and curved furniture pieces with rounded edges. From curved chairs, round tools, and seats to curved and rounded coffee tables and similarly shaped couches, designers are going far and beyond to incorporate such changes. You can also invite more soft lines, arcs, and curves into your home to create a more comfortable environment.

3. Layer buildup – Seems like adopting curves and arcs wasn’t the only way of making your home casual and comfy. People have gone in the opposite direction and adopted maximalism in 2022. Textures and layers are everywhere, and interior design isn’t lagging behind. In family rooms, common areas, and other places where you choose to entertain guests, layers of interest add a lot of charm.

Don’t be shy of covering the walls with printed wallpapers. You can also go wild and experiment with a few different patterns of wallpaper and create a collage of a design. You can extend those layers on the floor as well by adding exquisitely patterned carpets or stacking a few thin layers of colorful rugs.

4. Sustainable choices – Viral outbreaks, wars, climate change, and many other such factors haven’t just changed everyone’s purchase decisions, but also influenced their design choices. This change has been clearly reflected in 2022 as people made more sustainable choices. It seems that this trend won’t stop any time soon. People are more concerned about how ‘green’ or environmentally friendly their purchases are.

This doesn’t just help the environment but may be able to save you some money. For instance, you can shop locally to save fuel prices, and repurpose your old furniture into something else. The same sustainable choices are reflected when people prefer to choose recycled and scrap materials for making their furniture. You can do the same and follow this wonderful trend while giving your home a new look.

5. More cozy comfort – Due to several events, most people have spent a lot of time indoors. That’s why everyone has become more familiar with their homes and know about the cozy spots in their home. In 2022, most residents will be upgrading their homes to add comfort wherever possible. People prefer a cozy look and feel. That means adding more subtle colors, soft-edged pieces, and cozy textiles. You can make those design changes to give yourself a year of refreshment and rejuvenation after a few hard years.

6. Warm wood tones – Paint colors aren’t the only thing getting softer and warmer. The same holds for wood stains. Manufacturers have developed the perfect middle ground between excessively washed-out gray tones and ultra-dark wood tones. Medium and warm tones of wood stain have been very popular in hardwood flooring for many years. Now, warm and medium tones are more prevalent on wood furniture, shelves, cabinets, accessories, trims, and more. You can also add a few lightly stained wood oak pieces to your home this year.

7. Bask in the sun – There has never been a point in modern history where people have detested natural light in their homes. This year, natural light takes center stage as home theaters and game rooms are done away with and turned into multiple-use and light-filled spaces.

The traditional media and game room is slowly fading away into history as soaring real estate prices shrink homes and people also demand more sunlight as they spend more time indoors. You can do the same and carve out larger windows and add lighter tones to your room so that the natural light reflects, diffuses, and spreads more. 

8. Update outdoor spaces – If you have outdoor spaces, you may have taken the opportunity provided by two slow years to add fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, pools, and more. There’s no need to stop now. You can update outdoor furniture and choose more innovative options to maximize the seating area.

Redesign your outdoor space to encourage yourself and your family to spend more time in those spaces and invite guests over. That won’t be possible if your outdoor space is designed only for relaxation. It should also be practical and allow you to work, have heated debates, think about new things, and put you in your happy place.


I, Mark Roemer Oakland, suggest that you integrate some of the above-mentioned home designs into your home or draw inspiration from them. As the new year comes around, it’s going to be a slow season for home renovation and that’s when you should take advantage of the low prices and implement these designs.