Mark Roemer image of a person using a mobile device to control their smart home.

How to Convince Your Landlord to Install Smart Appliances

According to a recent study by Digitized House, more than 80 percent of homebuyers favor purchasing a house only if it contains smart accessories installed. In much the same way, renters are looking for more modern amenities as well. I, Mark Roemer, have experienced this flux in apartments I am renting. Therefore, I have started to add more and more smart technology slowly into the flats I rent.

Depending on how you rent your apartments, you can slowly add wi-fi connected refrigerators, washers and dryers, thermostats that learn the occupants’ lifestyle, real-time security systems, and smart appliances to make the apartment more economically friendly. These smart technologies allow the occupants to control essential household functions from their smartphones.

Renters want these things, but quite often, the lease does not allow them to make such modifications. Additionally, they can be quite costly for someone that is merely renting an apartment. However, as the landlord, they can make these modifications and reap the benefits through better renters and increased rent.

Make Your Case

From the renter’s perspective, you will want to do your research before approaching your landlord with the request to add smart technology to your apartment. Below, you will find several smart devices and reasons they would benefit the landlord.

Thermostat – Depending on if the landlord or the renter is paying the energy bill, this could be a valid argument. While they may not care if the occupant is paying a higher energy bill, they may be interested if they are the ones forking over the money. Installing a smart thermostat can allow you to make adjustments on the fly. It can also let you turn the heat up or air conditioning remotely. This can save a lot of money since you don’t have to leave the heat or air on all day to come home to a comfortable house.

Security System – This is a win all the way around. The landlord is likely unable to monitor their apartment complexes around the clock. This means they will be unable to report things that happen on the property. With a security system installed in your apartment, you can protect your property. Still, you can also watch for anything going on and have the police or fire department contacted, minimizing the damage done to the landlord’s property.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors – This should not even be an issue. Most counties, and even states, require landlords to install smoke and/or carbon monoxide in any units they rent. Smart technology pushes this to a whole new level. You can receive notifications on your smartphone as well as being able to sound an alarm on your phone or even turn on your lights.

Washer and Dryer – With the rise of COVID-19, more and more people are concerned with getting their clothes appropriately cleaned. Smart technology can aid in making this a reality. The washer or dryer can send you notifications to let you know when the cycle has been complete. In addition, you can remotely start your device during a time that benefits you the most.

Refrigerator – This may be the one item on the list that might not be worth fighting for. Since the smart technology is entirely new on refrigerators, it is generally only available on higher-end units. You will likely not be able to talk your landlord into installing one. However, if you manage to convince them, you will be rewarded with technology beyond comparison. You can input the items you put in the refrigerator and subtract them from the total amount when you take them. When the fridge notices you are low on something, it can automatically place them on your shopping list. That is great since you will never have to worry about forgetting to buy something. It isn’t that beneficial to a landlord unless they intend to raise the rent when you leave.

What You Want

Based on the list above, you will only ask the landlord for the items you are interested in. Since they will likely balk at the idea of investing in the first place, you will want to make sure you ask for what you want on the off chance they agree to it. I would not suggest you ask for more than two items when you are approaching them. Anything more and you run the risk of them shutting you down altogether.


When you are asking for new items, you must expect to pay more. This would be a reliable way to convince your landlord to make the installations. When trying to figure out how much more you are going to pay, divide the item costs over the remainder of your lease. Obviously, if you are coming to the end of your contract, you will not want to pay that much. However, you can agree to extend your lease. Stretching a rent out to 24 months and amortizing it can get you that shiny new item you want.


Unless you have rented an apartment with the technology already installed, you are going to have a lot of work on your hands. As I, Mark Roemer, said, I am slowly transitioning my apartments with upgraded technology. However, your landlord might not be too keen on making those adjustments. Remember what I said, do your research, provide the landlord with the benefits, and expect to pay more. A lot of landlords are only in the rental business to make money. The never like to spend a dime on the place. If you can convince them they will be making more money in the long run, you might have a fighting chance to get some much-needed upgrades. Not only will you have some new appliances, but you will also be helping out the landlord for future rentals. I hope you have found this blog beneficial, and you can have some lovely new things in your apartment before long. During these times, it is nice to have something that makes you happy.