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How to Build and Maintain a Great Landlord-Tenant Relationship

Having relationships is an integral part of life. Relationships are not just friendships or marriages. Relationships cover a vast portion of our life. You even have relationships with people that you may not want to spend time with. Granted, they are poor relationships, but relationships, nevertheless. I, Mark Roemer, am going to share with you some straightforward ways that you can build and maintain a relationship with your landlord. Doing so will make your time spent at your home much more comfortable and happier.

For better or worse, you are going to have to deal with your landlord. Likewise, they will have to deal with you. So, why not make the best of it? The tips you will find below will not cost you anything but a little bit of time out of your day. It will keep you from having sour relations with your landlord down the road.

Know Your Rights

It may seem a bit strange to start a blog with something that looks a little rough. Knowing your rights sounds like I am starting a topic on what you should do if your landlord is unpleasant in any what to you. I am just making sure that you know that you, as a tenant, have rights that you can expect from your landlord. This is not limited to how they can enter your home or how much they can raise the rent. Remember, the landlord is never allowed to base your rent off your race, religion, sexual preference, belief, or color. After you answer the ad and meet with the landlord, the terms of the lease should remain the same. I only bring this up so that you know that you should never be taken advantage of.

Understand Landlord Responsibilities

This is yet another topic that sounds like a reproach. I assure you that it is not. The more you know about what your landlord is responsible for, the better you will understand how to converse with them. Meaning, they are not responsible for cleaning your apartment, making sure that you have running water or electricity, or even changing lightbulbs in your house. So, don’t call to ask them to do these things. However, if you do happen to come across a deficiency in the home or apartment, you need to make sure that you inform them right away. They have the right to know if things are wrong with the apartment. One of the important things I make sure my tenants tell me if the water is leaking. This can lead to a lot of trouble for me down the road. Bottom line, if you think your landlord would want to know about something, inform them. Make sure you use a form of communication that they have requested (i.e., if they wish to communicate by e-mail or text, please don’t call them on the phone).

Be Fiscally Responsible

Nothing irritates a landlord more than having to track down a tenant to pay the rent. Make sure that you are always paying your rent on time. This will instantly get you in the good graces of the landlord. If, for whatever reason, you are going to be late on the rent, contact them. They are a lot more understanding when you contact them instead of having to find you. We hate it when people dodge us when we are only trying to get the money that is rightfully ours. Besides, if you are always paying your rent on time, there will be little fuss over one month that you are a couple of days late.

Be Socially Responsible

Understand that you are not the only one in the block of apartments. Even if you are living in a home, it is vital to follow this rule. You would not want to wake up at all hours of the night to deal with a noise complaint. Remember this the next time you decided to throw a party. Make sure that you follow the rules of the apartment and local laws.

Another thing that goes a long way is that if you inform your neighbors that you are going to be having a party. They will appreciate the heads up and plan their night accordingly. I remember back when I was renting a place and knew that my neighbor was having a party; I would go out for the night as I don’t like to be around noisy and loud neighbors.

Be Aware of Bulletins

If you happen to live in a large apartment complex, take note of any bulletin boards the building might have. This is where the landlord can pass on vital information to the tenants. They don’t have time to call, e-mail, text, or write to every tenant. Therefore, they use the bulletin board to pass on information that you will find pertinent. Some information that you may find on these could be alarm testing, construction projects, or anything else that can disrupt your daily routine. They do this as a courtesy, so take the time to read the messages they send.

Follow the Rules

Breaking the rules is the easiest way to get in the bad graces of the landlord. Take the time to read the rules that they have no doubt written down in the lease agreement. Respectfully conducting yourself will not only win favor with the landlord but, most likely, the other tenants in your building. We all have to live in this space together, may as well make it enjoyable.

Know Your Landlord’s Name

This may sound trivial but, knowing the name of your landlord goes a long way. Sure, you could say, “Hi,” but adding their name is so much more personal. It shows that you think of them as an equal and not someone to be feared. You will also come across friendly and open to conversation. It makes interactions with them a lot easier.


I, Mark Roemer, hope this has been helpful to you. It is my wish that all landlord-tenant relationships are the best that they can be. Take the time to do the little things right, and you will find that living in your apartment will be much more satisfying.