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Healthy Living Features to Look for in a Neighborhood

Do you want to find a new apartment to live in? When looking for a new place to live, you’ll almost certainly have a wish list of features that you’d like to see in a new home and community. I, Mark Roemer, know the process of looking for a new home and relocating to a new location is fraught with important decisions. Of course, the most essential consideration is which city or area you can call home. More people than ever are pursuing a healthier lifestyle, and the neighborhood they choose will make a big difference. When looking at homes, it’s easy to get caught up in the details of the home and overlook the surroundings. If you are looking to find a city, or even an apartment complex, that has the amenities you are looking for, then you have come to the right place. Below, you will find several things that I think you will find fascinating when moving to a new home. On top of that, the list below will share some things you should be looking for if you are interested in living a healthier life. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the features you should be looking for in your new neighborhood or apartment complex if a healthy lifestyle is in your future!


The ability to be involved is one of the most critical aspects of a neighborhood in terms of allowing for a healthier lifestyle. Exercise is vital for a healthy lifestyle, so if you can leave the keys in the car at home while doing errands, you can increase your fitness. Walking also reduces congestion and makes the road safer for children because there is less traffic. You’ll need decent sidewalks in your area, as well as parks and shops that are close enough to walk to. However, having only one without the other isn’t practical. Sidewalks with nowhere to walk to suggest you’ll have to drive to run all your errands, even though they may inspire you to go for walks for no reason. Some cities make it easier for people who want to live a healthier lifestyle by providing designated bike lanes for those who enjoy exercising while also eliminating the need to drive everywhere.

Green Spaces

If you have a nice place to visit nearby, you would be more likely to go for a stroll. This may be a wooded forest, a hiking trail, or a dog park. These types of locations improve both people’s lives and property values. Green spaces have been shown to relieve stress and can also aid in the treatment of disorders such as ADHD and PTSD. A tree-lined area will provide shade during the hot summer months, as well as reduce your reliance on air conditioning due to the cooling impact. Many environmentally conscious communities have dedicated walking trails for their people. When looking for a house or apartment, you can inquire around and do some research online to find out where this amenity can be found.

Workout Options

People are constantly searching for a community that has access to a gym. A great gym that is accessible offers fitness courses and has a large selection of workout equipment that will significantly benefit the community. Other amenities to look for in a community that promotes a balanced lifestyle include sports fields and tennis courts. It’s also beneficial to have a spot where people can jog or ride their bikes away from busy roads. The greater the number of fitness options available to residents in the area, the better. These communities can either be planned housing developments, apartment complexes, or simply a lot of workout options close enough to your home that you don’t have to drive forever to get to them.

Healthy Eating

Exercise is just one aspect of a balanced lifestyle; what you consume is equally significant. Residents can purchase new, organic produce from a farmers’ market because it is close by. Freshly selected fruit and vegetables, organic options, grass-fed meats, and other locally manufactured produce can all be found at farmers’ markets. Purchasing locally grown food at a fair price supports local producers while also benefiting the neighborhood. You will find that the prices tend to be a little better since they don’t have to pay for transportation; you will also find that they taste better. This is because they can pick them at the peak of their ripeness instead of picking them early to transport them. In either case, shopping from farmers’ markets is the best option if it is available to you.


Living in areas with less noise is a more pleasant experience. Not only does this mean less noise, but it also means less pollution. It also ensures that the streets are cleaner for both children and adults. There’s a reason cul-de-sacs are one of the most popular neighborhood destinations. Just remember, you might have to look for a new place in years to come. Cities crop up all over. To accommodate people, they usually will have a road or even an airport move close by. This will add to your noise level. Have no fear! There are plenty of places to move that is far away from that. You have to be willing to drive to get the things you want. 

Neighborhood Meetings

If you’re thinking of moving to a particular area, you will learn a lot about how safe it is by attending a homeowners’ association meeting. This should provide you with a wealth of knowledge about what it’s like to live in that neighborhood and any problems that might be present. You can see how committed and involved the group is in improving the neighborhood. You will learn about the association’s recycling activities and sustainability initiatives. These gatherings will inform you about what’s hot in the community regarding housing and lifestyle, such as the building of modular homes or charity volunteer activities. It could warn you about upcoming construction projects or inform you about improvements to the region. It will also allow you to see how friendly your potential neighbors are, and you might even be able to make friends with a few of them before you move in.

Final Thoughts

Although many facilities can add value to a community and promote safe living, I, Mark Roemer, think you should also be aware of the drawbacks and aspects you want to avoid. Do you see signs of vandalism and damage that hasn’t been fixed in public spaces? Even minor issues such as litter may indicate a group moving in the wrong direction and not promoting a safe neighborhood. Hopefully, these suggestions for choosing a safe community have been helpful, and you will know what you want from a neighborhood the next time you move.