Mark Roemer image of flower in a DIY vase on a wooden table with DIY hearts

Getting Your Apartment Valentine’s Day Ready

I, Mark Roemer, just looked at my calendar and realized it’s February, and the most romantic day of the year is rapidly approaching. While some are planning extravagant dinners and drinks in an expensive restaurant, others are imagining how they can decorate their apartment for this event. I have numerous suggestions about how you can spice up your apartment for the Valentine’s Day festivities.

First Things First, You Need to Clean Up

People often overlook the fact that they need to clean. Before you start with any project, it is crucial to make sure you have a clean slate to work with. Most people wouldn’t consider Christmas to interfere with Valentine’s Day, but I know several people who have still not taken their tree or other decorations down. Before you start on a new holiday, you must clean up from the previous one.

Start by getting rid of everything you do not need and make sure it’s all tidy and spotless. Now is as good a time to bid farewell to any unwanted furniture you have been hanging onto.

Now that you have cleaned the space and gotten rid of anything you no longer want, you are now ready to start preparing for the day. You can begin designing the decor and specifics only after that is finished. As I said, you will need to have things clean first. Setting up for a new holiday before the previous one is taken down doesn’t make much sense.

Can You Imagine Valentine’s Day Without Candles?

Setting the mood with candles with a pleasant scent should be your first step. Not only do certain scents have an innate aphrodisiacal quality. I will not tell you which ones – mainly because it can vary from person to person. Speaking of which, make sure you put on cologne or perfume that your mate enjoys making them even more amorous.

If you are looking for an alternative to candles, you could opt for incense or oil diffusers. Some people worry that they will get too wrapped up at the moment and forget to put the candles out. This could lead to a fire since candles are highly flammable. While it doesn’t happen too often, the candle can cause the glass to break, and then the wax can spread the fire to the rest of the house. Make whichever choice makes you feel most comfortable.


It would help if you tried to make this holiday even more memorable with as many decorations as you are comfortable with. You don’t need tons of money to show someone that they care for you. You have to dedicate your time and strive and be imaginative.

I don’t fault you for using online tools if imagination isn’t something you’re comfortable with. Some of the ideas you may copy are here:

Create a picture wall – this would be the perfect opportunity to have a few of your unique pictures developed in black and white. You can then place them on the wall with red and white accents to make them pop.

A smart idea may also be a garland of hearts – always turn to classics if you are not sure what to do. Again, you can use the internet or use the tools you have at home to cut out hearts for inspiration. A piece of paper (cardboard, fabric), a pair of scissors and maybe some glue are all you need.

DIY Valentine’s Day jars – If you have some extra paint and a few jars laying around, you are golden. Take the time to make sure you are using color and paint that will last for a while. That way, long after Valentine’s Day is over, your significant other can enjoy this gift you made them. You could do this to an old vase that you are trying to bring new life to as well.

Heart-shaped balloons

Pick ideas that both you and your spouse will enjoy. Just make sure not to over-do it. One or two things should be more than enough for the day. Any more than that, and you will seem as if you are trying too hard. Besides, the apartment (provided you have a small one) will seem crowded if you put too many decorations up.

You Can Never Have Too Many Flowers

The key symbols of this holiday are hearts and flowers. I can’t think of one good reason you should not go overboard with the symbolism, especially if you plan to stay with your Valentine at your apartment instead of going out.

Decorate the table with an arrangement so of fresh or dried flowers. There are some flower petals you can even scatter around the apartment. A lot of people like to spread rose petals on the bed too. Be careful, though; this can get rather expensive. Don’t forget to get your loved one a flower or a bouquet, especially if you know their favorites.

A Romantic Meal

Can you imagine a Valentine’s Day celebration of love without a romantic meal? Probably not. If you usually eat at a table in the kitchen, maybe you want to eat in the living room or bed tonight? It doesn’t take much effort to bring plates, bowls, glasses, and utensils to another location. To create the perfect ambiance, surround the area where you will eat with flowers, candles, and other decorations.

A Cozy Corner

Perhaps this is a good time for you to purchase some new cushions or throws if you plan to spend a romantic evening at home. These small additions might be enough to make your home more inviting, and if you are planning to watch something, it can be ideal for cuddling in front of the TV.

The bedroom is another area of the apartment where you’ll want to make it cozy. Bedding is the focal point in the bedroom, clearly, so you should do your best to get it right. This means putting the best sheets on the bed, new ones, naturally.

Valentine’s Day is the day between your Valentine and you. You know best about your relationship. Choose the ideas that both of you would like and start planning your love nest for this holiday celebration. I, Mark Roemer, wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!