Mark Roemer image of a well organized refrigerator

Fridge Organization Ideas to Save Space

If you’re like Mark Roemer, the organization of fridges probably doesn’t rank high on your list of things to do in your apartment. The refrigerator is just not that interesting, unlike home décor and tricking out your entertainment system. Figuring out how to organize your fridge, however, will help alleviate tension, maintain a harmonious relationship with your roommates, and curb your food waste. Ready to start? Here are all the things you never heard about your fridge room being maximized.

Yes, You Need to Empty the Entire Fridge and Clean It

The first step towards the refrigerator’s successful organization is to empty it and have good scrubbing for shelves and drawers. You’ll be shocked by what you discover and, honestly, a little terrified. Old veggies can go, and so can everything that has expired. You might want to get rid of things you might not want to eat soon as well. Ask a friend or neighbor if they like your safe-to-eat goodies if you’re confused about food waste.

No, You Can’t Just Lie Your Fridge Down on the Ground

Save those muscles for another workout. There is no good reason to lay your fridge down when you are cleaning it out. The coils that help it cool down could end up breaking you. You’d end up with a refrigerator that doesn’t work, then. Some states still do not mandate landlords to repair appliances or even include them. If you plan to put your fridge on the ground, you might be letting your landlord off the hook from replacing it. That is, if you are in a state that requires such repairs.

Your Fridge Will Work Better When It’s Not Stuffed

Optimizing the space in your refrigerator does more than making room for new drinks and food. If it’s not overstuffed, the fridge works more effectively and cools things down faster. That statement implies getting rid of items like expired yogurt and unrecognizable fruit that have been there for months. Those old soda boxes should go, too. They are only masquerading as organizational instruments.

You Should Rearrange Your Refrigerator Shelves

The current state of your fridge shelves doesn’t need to be accepted. To make space for all your favorites, such as organic juices or tall wine bottles, move them around a little. This is your refrigerator—own it.

Washable Fridge Mats are Life Savers

Why are kitchen shelves meant to get all the attention? Within your fridge, you can’t use shelf paper. You may use washable refrigerator mats, however. Please choose your favorite colors, place them on the shelves and drawers of your refrigerator, and enjoy the warmth. For quick cleaning, take out your washable fridge mats. It’s much better than scrubbing your lower shelves with pancake syrup and whining about your brunch choices.

Fridge Doors are Among the Warmest Areas 

Milk and eggs should never be kept in the door. Shift them to the back and place them on a high shelf. The warmest places are the fridge doors. They are perfect for your condiments, such as soy sauce and ketchup.

Top-of-Fridge Storage is Warmer than Bottom

Your food lifespan is also based on your storage strategy for the refrigerator. For articles such as jams, jellies, hummus, fermented yogurt, relegate them to the top warmer shelves. For milk, meats, and other things you want to keep super cold, the bottom shelf is cooler and more appropriate. Somewhere in the center, you can install refrigerator racks as well. Those are perfect for drinks and snacks that you want to keep cold for yourself.

Raw Produce Goes in Your Drawers

In the drawers of your fridge, raw fruits and veggies remain crisp and fresh. It also helps you prevent cross-contamination of raw meat with other foods.

Fridge Drawers Can Be Set for Low or High Humidity

Do your fridge drawers offer a low or high humidity setting? For food like apples, grapes, melons, peppers, mushrooms, and more, the low-humidity drawer is perfect. For broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, and related foods, high-humidity drawers are best-suited. You can always try to group your food accordingly if your fridge doesn’t offer a low or high humidity option. Arranging your fruits and vegetables by humidity level will keep them fresher much longer.

Meat and Cheese Deserve Their Very Own Home

Refrain from just tossing fruit, vegetables, meat, and cheese together on a single shelf or in a single drawer. Set aside a container for each of them. This practice will prevent cross-contamination.

Prioritize the Food You Love

Ever wonder why your jelly, even though you rarely use it, is still front and center? Depending on priority, rearrange your fridge. Provide prime shelf space for your snacks. That way, you will always have your favorites within reach. Besides, it will be much easier to tell if you are running out of something important.

Everyone Needs a Lazy Susan

Yeah, I said that. In their refrigerator, every apartment dweller on the planet wants a Lazy Susan. Add a plastic, see-through Lazy Susan to the arsenal of your organization. Then, group items for easy access, such as pickles, olives, and hot peppers.

Fridge Organizers Are Your BFF

With fridge organizers, keep all your cold food sorted and clean. To keep your drawers tidy, dump your carrots, celery, and other bite-sized vegetables into transparent trays and bins. Then, using the same tactic, tackle your shelves; this way, everything has its place.

Repurposing Egg Shell Containers is Genius

Are you tired of dropping squeeze bottles everywhere? Cut the top off an egg carton and turn your bottles upside down. That will keep them ready to go while remaining spill-free. A plastic egg carton can also be bought and held indefinitely in your fridge.

Hanging Stuff in the Fridge is Revolutionary

The idea of this fridge organization will blow your mind. Right inside your refrigerator, you can hang salad, cheese, and Ziploc containers. A Zip ‘n’ Shop, which is simple to mount, organizes up to 20 bags in one place. This method also makes your refrigerator look wildly impressive.

It’s Fun Labeling Everything in Sight

Go nuts by placing a label on everything in your fridge. That way, anything they need can be easily found by roommates and visitors. For food containers, washable labels fit well on drawers, organizational containers, and food dividers.

Stacking Your Bottles Saves Tons of Room

Do your shelves make bottles of soda, wine, juice, and other drinks challenging to store? Use food storage containers designed for stacking bottles in mind when organizing. You may designate one for yourself and one for your roommate as well.

Hacking Healthy Eating Habits Is Easier with an Organized Fridge

When you open the refrigerator, what is the first thing you see? Shift all the sugary treats to the back of your fridge. that way, they are not looking at you in the face every time you open the door. After you have removed the tempting food, make a healthy snack bin. It’s like a new diet born from a simple refrigerator reorganization.

You Should Also Tackle Your Freezer

To keep your fridge running successfully, your freezer also needs some care. Using the above tips and tricks. Look for sufficient freezer shelves or cooler shelves that are stackable and can withstand the cold.

Final Thoughts

It’s unexpectedly enjoyable to master fridge organization. The needless burden of looking for leftovers is also alleviated. Now, if you don’t see it in your correctly labeled leftover container, you’ll know that your roommate ate it! Your apartment will be a pleasant and happy place to live, with some new fridge-sharing rules in place. Mark Roemer wishes you happy organizing!