Mark Roemer image of a small apartment decorated for the holidays

Christmas Décor Ideas for Small Spaces

Mark Roemer knows that a furry white throw filled with pine boughs draped over the couch or wicker basket improves the holiday mood in your apartment without taking up much room. Pine garland draped over doorways or the addition to your bedroom of a red plaid comforter might be basic touches. Still, they are an excellent addition to any decorating scheme for holidays.

Thinking outside the box, downsizing, and dreaming are the secret to these Christmas decorating ideas. Understand that enormous trees and endless garlands are not the only festive things with which you can cover the halls. Decorations, figurines, leaves, baubles, and tapestries can all be used to ensure that the Christmas spirit resounds from every inch of your home (without losing valuable storage or den space).

To make tiny apartments and homes shine all December long, below are 20 ideas worth copying.

Make It Mini

For the holidays, even the smallest of small spaces can be prepared, and the festive decor of this RV is the perfect example. Downsize and opt for mini versions of your typically sized pieces (for example, wreaths and trees).

Lights Everywhere

If you don’t have outdoor space for lights, loop them around the ceiling of your house, just like they do in climates that get very cold. Ceiling lights add spirit to the immediate holiday and take up very little room.

Focus on The Mantel

If you search the internet, you can find a significant number of examples of people that make the most of their mantel lighting game. Limiting your fireplace area to things such as Christmas trees, menorahs, and other festive objects ensures you don’t have to make space in a small room for larger decorative pieces.

Nail Down the Details

The very smallest details make all the difference. No matter if it’s candle holders, a tapestry, or a wreath hanging from a kitchen island, in the pint-sized apartment, find a way to integrate wintry components into every corner.

Get Festive with Your Headboard

When it comes to holiday décor, the bedroom is frequently overlooked, but this doesn’t have to be the case. When you fall asleep, something as easy as a garland will cheer you up and whisk you off to “Whoville”.

Deck Out Your Door

If you happen to not one to go all out for the holidays, the perfect way to strike a quick but festive note is to decorate your door. A contemporary Christmas tree decoration is elegant, plain, and appeals to the smallest of decorators. There are plenty of ways to style your holiday door, and the good news is that they’re all friendly with small spaces.

Downsize to A Branch or Potted Plant

A potted plant or even a branch is a perfect way to enjoy Christmas without a massive pine tree having to take up an entire corner. Only add a little figurine of the reindeer so that the greenery looks festive and call it a day.

Blend Your Tree into Your Decor

You can select a similarly colored fake tree that blends into your wall and creates the illusion of extra room depending on your locations’ paint colors, all while still letting you indulge in the holiday spirit. Let’s be real; it’s not getting a lot cooler than a Christmas tree in black.

Switch Out Your Tree for A Mantel Collection

If you would like to go tiny, do it! A tiny but mighty set of bottlebrush trees still packs a vibrant punch and won’t make it, so you need to find your ottoman a new home.

Designate an Underused Corner

One of the best possible holiday decorating spots in your home could be that random corner near your laundry room or outside the kitchen door. In the first place, if nothing is there, why not put your Christmas tree in this spot? Just make sure there’s a straight walkway, so nobody trips over presents in your building!

Stick to A Theme

If you like everything farmhouse, then choosing a groovy modern tree might not vibe with your room in the mid-century. Alternatively, go for a look that fits the furniture you already have. Nothing would look superfluous or out of place in that way. 

Make Floral Arrangement Festive

Swap your weekly Trader Joe’s go-to bouquet with a few sprigs from a Douglas Fir or another pine tree for the month. For any small room, it’s beautiful, seasonal, and super elegant. You can also add a few tiny ornaments to the branches!

Spruce Up A Bookshelf

For holiday decor, your bookshelf is prime real estate. Only remove some of the things you’ve already used to style them and replace them with Christmas tree motifs and other wintery knick-knacks in stuff. This is going to have a nice Holly Jolly hit.

Rethink Your Bar Cart

Yes, the feeling of Christmas will conjure up even your bar cart. There are numerous holiday liqueurs, coffee add-ins, or even cozy tea bar extras. Have a lot of different alcohols that remind you of the holidays.

Deck the Halls – Literally

A bright star can be a glowing reminder of Christmas if you enjoy simpler designs. All you need to do is place it at the end of a hallway, or you can even hang one over a table to make a clear point.

Think Like Charlie Brown

Initially, Charlie Brown’s tree got a bad name, but when you are displaying a tree that you do not get from a tree lot, that is what you will be left with. To make it just like the movie, deck it out with an oversized bauble or wrap a blue blanket around it.

Add Pizzaz To the Dining Area

Not too many people think of their dining rooms or breakfast nooks as places deserving of Christmas decor, as this festive space illustrates, but if you have windows or ledges, they may render a seasonal garland or string light for perfect spots.

Use White to Keep Things Spacious

Blending a tree into your room is another excellent example of how you can add décor to a spacious and stylish location. This white tinsel tree is decorated with bright ornaments, making it a fun and playful addition to the holiday.

Up Your Hygge Game

Look at the Scandinavian style for the best inspiration for small spaces. Even the slightest touches can make an enormous difference. A living room can be transformed into a subtle winter wonderland by a mini-Christmas tree, a small wreath, and a white garland of snowflakes.

Add A Pint-Size Poinsettia

Push those poinsettias out of your front entrance and find them a new home. What about the nightstand of yours? Mark Roemer suggests you pepper the poinsettias around your home so that no matter where you look, you are reminded of Christmas.